Max the Explorer: Chapter 3
The Old Ruins

When I last left you, I had just made camp because my sherpa was tired. I tried to stay nice and friendly...

...but finally, I had to say, "Sherpa, its time to get a move on".

Swings first of course. Have to get my self acclimated to the environment. Plenty of stories about explorers who didn't take the time...stories with bad endings.

This surface was unlike any that I faced before.

It had a strange consistency...

And strange regular markings. My explorer instinct led me to the conclusion that the surface was not natural, but man-made.

Walking further, I came to the end of the surface.

There, I discovered an ancient artifact. It was shiny and taller than this brave explorer himself.

Of course I had to take the time to calm the sherpas down. They are very skitish around these old ruins.

I trundled off expecting them to follow.

But they all ran off. Cowards!

I was able to discern some ancient heiroglyphics on the ground.

Before I had to go chase down the sherpas. Darn sherpas.